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The textile works Vrouwen van VOS (2019) is the third series produced, after Food for Thought (2018) and Objects of Love and Desire (2019), to depict Black women in action. In this series they are all active in the Dutch association ‘Vereniging Ons Suriname’ (VOS) and rendered  digitally and traditionally combined with printed fabrics, both hand- and machine-embroidered, with highlights of fine bead-work and appliqué. These women are again heroically shown, but based on Communist propaganda posters. Each banner is framed with printed cottons that the artist has collected from the African continent. She choosed for each work two women of different generations to show that every generation of activists is standing on the shoulders of their predecessors. The work was commissioned on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of VOS and the accompanying exhibition to celebrate this.

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