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Lose your direction

A starting point for this installation was the Caribbean slave legend which tells that enslaved people refrained from eating salt because they thought they would become lighter and could fly back to Africa. The work consists of 13 sown fabrics from Suriname and Africa. symbolizing the involuntary movement of black people during transatlantic slavery and the consequences for their descendants. On three large canvases black men are depicted with sewn handkerchiefs ‘flowing’ from their eyes with the text: Sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt(There are tears to setbacks and human suffering touches the heart)147 kilograms of sea salt is placed in the center of the exhibition space and 147 black helium balloons with attached an image of a figure with outstretched arms. The figures will fly for 22 hours and then slowly sink down. The number 147 symbolizes the number of years of the abolition of slavery in 2010.

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