Work on paper


Black Ladies

Photos of women from the African continent depicted from a book published by Taschen in 2003, titled Black Ladies. Presented under the guise of artistic photos black women are actually shown in soft porn positions. The photo’s show how colonizers still influence the countries that they colonized, and is deeply connected to the development of post-colonial theory. The postcolonial gaze theory allows formerly colonized societies to overcome the socially constructed barriers that often prohibit them from expressing their true cultural, social, economic, and political rights.

Note: sizes 21 cm x 30 cm mixed media on paper

Entangled one

Note: sizes 48cm x 64cm ink bleach marker magazine photo’s on paper

Entangled two

sizes 48cm x 64,5cm mixed media on paper

The Politics of the Black Body

Each work: collage and paint on paper, mounted in plexiglas box, 24 x 20 x 6.4 cm

 © 2015 Patricia Kaersenhout

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Made by Frederick Calmes

Patricia Kaersenhout
Visual artist