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In 2023 Berlin Global Village, a hub for civil society actors of development policies and development cooperation, initiated the project Decolonial Memorial: an artwork, reflecting on decolonization, that aims to engage with a broad audience – both Berliners and Guests of Berlin – to enter the decolonial discourse.
At the conclusion of a selection process conducted by an international jury of experts, the design Earth Nest by The Lockward Collective was selected.

It is a true honor to be involved in this project with  dear friends and brilliant colleagues Jeannette Ehlers  and Rolando Vàzquez.  The Lockward collective  was formed  as a tribute to our mentor and great inspiration; Dominican thinker, writer and curator Alanna Lockward who sadly passed away in 2019.

EarthNest is a work of decolonial healing and hope. It symbolizes a communal temple that believes in bringing communities together, gathering memories and recollecting what has been dismembered by colonial erasures. Its underground section will host ancestral soils of the former colonies, while its weaved aerial cone will be illuminated in violet tones to invoke the power of healing the colonial wound. In ancestral memories reside the seeds of hope. The memorial is a weaved nest to honor and care for the dreams, the memories and territories that have been threatened by colonial erasure and oblivion.
EarthNest will be realized in collaboration with architect Max Bentler and production manager Elena Quintarelli 

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