Proud Rebels

Flamboyant, a black Women’s organization, was founded in 1985 from the desire to distinguish the black women struggles from a neutral or white women struggles. Black women stood for an anti- racist and / or black women’s struggle . This desire was fueled by discontent with the observation that there was no attention to the position of black migrants and refugees ( ZMV ) women in the Netherlands. This became clear in 1984 during a women’s history conference in Nijmegen. There was discontent among ZMV women about the inaccessibility of other kinds of information and documentation. And the discontent about the racism and sexism in mostly white institutions. This history was forgotten until I decided to research the pioneers of that time and honor them with portraits and a short film.

Note: digital print on polyester Mesh embroidered with beads

sizes 111 cm x 111 cm
courtesy  Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam, Van Abbe museum Eindhoven

More info:

photography Paula Winkler

 © 2015 Patricia Kaersenhout

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Made by Frederick Calmes

Patricia Kaersenhout
Visual artist