Work on paper

Les Eclaireurs 6/6

In the series Les Eclaireurs ( The pioneers) 8 famous Northern Pioneers of the USA are portrayed on paper by slicing their faces open with a scalpel knife and pasted images and stories of black people and Native Indians and their stolen land into the open ‘wounds’ This deed of mutilation stands symbol for a transformative action of re-creating images of dominance. This creating of counter- images is an attempt of getting the story of the marginalized peoples of the USA straight. “Cause if we don’t get the story straight our noses will be blown off” Erykah Badu in The Black power mix tapes

Note: sizes 30cm x 40 cm mixed media on paper

The dream of a thousand shipwrecks 12/44

The dream of a thousand shipwrecks and consists of several chapters. In this chapter several history and scientific books about explorers, anthropology, biology, pre-historical men are cut into pieces and rearranged in a new illogical sequence. They are  intertwined with two texts of Shakespeare. Both text and images get a different meaning and context.

Note: variable sizes mixed media on pages of books

 © 2015 Patricia Kaersenhout

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